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Friday 31.10.1997 Assembly Reporter Price: 20 Fim
t h e . o f f i c i a l . o r g a n . o f . t h e . c u b i c . t r a v e l l e r s . u n i o n
Assembly 97 Results
Place Votes Group
  1   3100 Doomsday
  2   952  Orange
  3   892  Trauma
  4   796  Coma
  5   504  Cryonics
  6   496  Immortals
  7   436  Orange
  8   336  TPOLM
  9   292  Core Image
 10   260  tArzAn tuotanto
 11   256  Recreation
 12   244  Jamm
 13   172  Sense
 14   160  Excused
 15   120  Cubic
Cubic gets last in the demo competition
submissive: the competition was too tough for us - doj: we are lame
As every year the Assembly gathered more than 3000 people to celebrate the annual top event of the demo scene. For the third time the event was placed in the the helsinki fair center. Expectations for exceptional releases in the competitions were very high as no major productions have been released the previous months.
The competition plan listed more competitons than ever seen on any major party. The new competitions like windows95 or java competition had not as much releases as the standard ones. The highlight of the event the demo competition featured very good productions from well known groups such as organe, trauma, tpolm, cubic and many many more.
The overall quality of the productions presented was - as expected - very high. This year we had a fair and good competition and public voting had to decide which group would win the o2.
You can't always win

Many rumours appeared on the scene after the former member of cubic team, pascal, announced that the public audience should not expect any quality productions from cubic anymore. The ranking of the latest production seems to fit this assumption.

This week in our journal: The Retro Journey of Doj and Submissive
Today's Weather: sunny and partly cloudy. In the evening slight rain fall. 3 degrees kelvin.

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