Assembly Reporter The Retro Journey
a travelling story by doj / cubic
day 0
Submissive once said: "Ich bin einfach ein riesen Schludrian, doj." This text can not be translated to english without loosing most of its satirical contence. It means that submissive is permanently forgetting important things and facts concerning him and his surrounding. beisert wuerde sagen: GELD, GELD, GELD, GELD As expected he did not manage to get some finnish money before arriving in finnland (this was not the first time) and so I had to wait for half an hour, before sub could exchange some money at the airport's money exchange clerk.
If you look at the picture you might wonder why we needed 0.5h to get some money, as there are only two people standing. Well you know cubic always is in the lucky position to be the last in long, long rows...
Now we had everything needed to party in a foreign country and we rolled our luggage to the taxi line. Our goal was the beloved sokos hotel pasila, but as stated above we needed to buy a new computer case for sub at first. So we told the taxi driver to steer to any computer store and afterwards to the hotel. It seemed that the driver was not interested at all in computer stores, as he had to get some advice where to find any from others via radio. But finally he managed to get a store and submissive made a 3 minutes buy of a cool mini tower. The salesmen in the store did not understand any word of english and were totally astonished how submissive managed to get things running (the problem was that submissive is not capable of speaking finnish you know, well I am not either).
hissing the banner submissive The picture on the left unleashes the fact that submissive was wearing short trousers the whole time
After arriving at the hotel we immediately put on our flag and declared this hotel conquered for here majesty the queen of spain (it was that certain columbus feeling). If there would be any international beauty award for hotels the sokos hotel in pasila would definatively become last, as it is built of tiles only. In fact the whole district of pasila is built of tiles. In terms of uglyness it can easily compete with the "plattenbauten in den neuen bundesländern" or steilshoop (a very ugly district in hamburg).
I think normally the sokos hotel pasila has a booking rate of 30% so I had not reserved in advance. But the international youth wrestling championships were taking place in the olympic stadium this weekend and all contributors were located in our favourite hotel. No problem for an experienced travelman and we managed to get an empty room and unloaded our bags. All around us were tiny wrestlers sweatening and talking in all kinds of languages. I saw muscles I never knew of their existence.
The day had reached 17.00 already and hunger was becoming a major part of our thoughts. So we went to a nearby super market and bought some basic party food like banana, cola and cookies.
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