Source code from Cubic & $eeN

Amp 1.1 Amp is the mp3 playback routine developed by pascal. It was mainly used in Open Cubic Player. This source version is the standalone version.

Binfile is a c++ library to use various ressources and acces them in binary formats. The binfile library lets you use files and internet protocols like http and ftp with a consistend API.

Indoor Music System 0.5 (IMS) is a stripped version of the Open Cubic Player playback routines targeted for use in games or demos.

Lasse Reinbøng source codes for our winning 64K intro.

MXMplay 1.0 MXMplay 1.1 MXMplay 1.2 MXMplay 1.3 MXMplay 1.3eos MXMplay 1.4 MXMplay 1.5 MXMplay 1.6 all versions of MXMplay, a small XM player intended for 64K intros.

Roto Zoomer source code for the Roto Zoomer effect which was intensivly used in our demo Lasse Reinbøng and Toasted.

20 byte Starfield by pascal.

VeX-InTrO source from our first 64K intro.

What 95 source from the windows 95 version of What95.

The source code for Stallinator is available on the ToPCReW homepage.

The source code for our player is available on the Open Cubic Player homepage.

x86 Assembler sourcecode for a "Hello, world!" in the bootblock.

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