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kerberos C64 MIDI interface

I have forked the source code of the Kerberos - C64/C128 MIDI Flash Interface and made some changes to the menu program and the upload software. You can access my source code version at


The following changes were made to the menu program. My current version is v1.3. The program is using up almost all available memory on the C64, several internal string output functions were optimized for size. Download the menu-1.3.prg and menu-1.3.bin programs.
kerberos menu

QT transfer program

The following changes were made to the QT transfer program. I have tested it on Linux and OsX. Download a zip archive of the OsX version:

DraCopy Kerberos build

You can download a special build of DraCopy 1.0doj with built in support for the Kerberos RAM.


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