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LEGO 7777-1 Trains Idea Book

On this page I collect models from the LEGO 7777-1 Trains Idea Book. This was one of my favorite childhook books and I always wondered how somebody could own so many LEGO bricks to build everything shown in that book. You can read the complete book at If you would like to own this book, check on bricklink for offers. You can purchase a replica sticker sheet from the brick sticker shop in the Netherlands.

This web page collects information on the book and the models shown in the book. You can download digital model files which I have created in the LDraw file format. These have a file name extension of *.ldr or *.mpd. You can open and use these files with a program that understands the LDraw file format, see the getting started instructions from which programs are working on your operating system and how to install them. I have used LDCad to create the models and Bricksmith to create the mini figures. You can use my program to check your LDR files for errors.
Some models also have a *.bsx file for download. These files are Brickstock/Brickstore files and contain the part list of the model (without any decorative elements like train tracks that might be included in the picture or LDraw file). You can use these files to create a Wanted list on Bricklink if you want to purchase the parts. I have used my perl program to convert the LDraw files into a BSX file. There seems to be no official documentation of the BSX XML file format. I've written a sample.bsx which should contain all supported XML tags with a description.
Some models have a WebGL link, which will show you the 3D model in your web browser. This is using the code from buildinginstructions.js

My YouTube playlist Danish Design & Chinese Copies contains videos showing some of the models that I have built. And also other Lego sets, my own creations and lego clone sets that I review.

Page 3 Draisine

On page 3 you'll find a story how the protagonist of the book builds himself a draisine, which he will use to drive through the remaining book.

Page 4 trains and vehicles

On page 4 you see two locomotives. The black steam locomotive is a variation of the steam locomotive which is built on pages 78 and 79, but this one uses a 12V motor and is (almost) completely black. The blue electric locomotive is not the main or alternative build of LEGO 7760-1 Diesel Shunter Locomotive, but a variation made for this book.

Page 5 models

On page 5 you see a maintenance platform train wagon while the workers are servicing the signal light. The following pages show instructions how to build this train wagon. This model has probably inspired the LEGO 7821-1 Track & Lighting Maintenance Wagon which was released after the 7777 book was published.

In the background of page 5 you see a small tractor. This is the same as LEGO set 6647-1 Highway Repair. The driver is helping out the track build crew on page 4.

You can see the back part of a passenger train wagon on page 5, which is based on set LEGO 7710-1 Push-Along Passenger Steam Train, but using black train wheels instead of red and a grey ladder in the door and some tools in the back. You can check my LDraw model 7710-1-PassengerCar-mod.ldr

The tank of the Shell station on page 5 is taken from LEGO 7816-1 Shell Tanker Wagon.

LEGO 7777-1 page 5 Shell diesel platform 7777-ShellDieselPlatform.mpd

LEGO 7777-1 page 4 and 5 models 7777-page4and5.mpd

Page 8/9 cars, train, buildings

On page 8 and 9 you see a convertible limousine, which is basically LEGO 6627-1 Convertible with some additional red plates and a black fence.
LEGO 7777-1 page 8 variation of 6627-1 6627-1-ConvertibleCar-var.ldr

LEGO 7777-1 page 8/9 panorama 7777-CoalPlatform.mpd

A review of this build is featured in Transfer Belt Plus Crane From Lego Idea Book 7777 From 1980 - Review on the Bricks Nostalgia channel.

Page 14

Page 14 shows the LEGO 7750-1 Steam Engine with Tender.

7777-WhiteContainer.ldr 7777-WhiteContainer.bsx

Page 15

On page 15 you see a small fire car, which is a minor variation on the small fire car from LEGO 6382-1 Fire Station.

The regular LEGO 6364-1 Paramedic Unit is seen on page 15 as well.

The black steam locomotive is the LEGO 7810-1 Push-Along Steam Engine.

The yellow fork lift is a variation of the LEGO 7730-1 Electric Goods Train.

LEGO 7777-1 page 14 and 15 re-created Using the models shown above here is a re-creation of page 14 and 15.

The YouTube channel of Bricks Nostalgia features a video showing many models from pages 14 and 15, Vintage 12v Lego Train Layout From 7777 Idea Book - Overview. You'll also see the coal yard scene from page 8 and 9. He has another video showing an on board camera view of driving through the scene.

Page 22/23 cars and train

On page 22 and 23 you see several cars on the train. You see the LEGO 6627-1 Convertible with its antenna broken off, the LEGO 6629-1 Ambulance without the blue signal lights, the yellow car from LEGO 6390-1 Main Street slightly modifed, and the broken white car from LEGO 6679-2 Exxon Tow Truck though here it has a white roof instead of the blue fence.

Look at this car loading platform inspired by the 7777-1 book.

LEGO 7777-1 page 22,23 cargo transport panorama

Page 24 locomotives

Part lists and videos showing the 3 locomotives from page 24.

YouTube video: Lego 12v Locomotive Build #3 From Vintage 7777 Idea Book

Page 30 locomotive

On page 30 the small black steam locomotive is a small variation of LEGO 7730-1 Electric Goods Train Set.

Page 31 locomotives

On page 31 the small black steam locomotive is a LEGO 7810-1 Push-Along Steam Engine with a black 12V motor. The large black steam locomotive is definitely one of the best models found in this book.

Page 38/39 large steam locomotive

Pages 38/39 show the large steam locomotive, my personal favorite of the trains shown in this book. As a child I always wondered where I could find those large red train wheels, and I didn't know that Lego's 7750-1 existed. I always thought those large train wheel did not exist and where somehow specially made for this book. I have found this japanese web page showing some photos of a large steam locomotive build. This dutch forum also has photos of such a build. another photo. a 4th version also showing a build of the train station from page 42.

The YouTube channels Bricksnostalgia shows a version of the large steam locomotive with modern large spoked train wheels.

Page 42 train station

The train station on page 42 is a super sized train station based on LEGO 7822-1 Railway Station which is especially obvious with the pedestrian bridge. This station features two tracks and a two story station building.

Page 43 train

Page 43 shows the alternate build of LEGO 7725-1 Electric Passenger Train Set.

Panorama on page 48/49

The big panorama on page 48 and 49 showcases many LEGO sets:

YouTube user Bricks Nostalgia has built this layout and made a very nice video The Legendary Lego Train Layout From Idea Book 7777 - Overview. You'll also see the train station from page 42 in this video.

Page 66/67 circus scene

A YouTube video: Circus Scene and Train from LEGO 6000 & 7777 Idea Book showing the circus scene.

Page 74/75 train factory

Pages 74 and 75 show the 4.5V train factory. You can see build video by bricksnostalgia.

Page 82/83 Rocket Train

With his adventures in LEGO's train world coming to an end, the protagonist is building himself a rocket train engine on page 82 and 83. The story ends with the steam locomotive factory workers wishing him goodbye on his future journeys. I always wondered if his rocket engine can lift up and fly high into the LEGO classic space universe.


Train Poster V2 is a blog which is collecting LDraw files of all official LEGO train sets. It is inspired by the original LEGO Trains 1981 - 2003 poster. Go to the Status link to see the new poster. The author also has a flickr stream.
brickfetish blog contains some history about the original poster. Mike Walsh's LEGO® Blog has a high resolution image of the original train poster.

Eurobricks Forum official LEGO sets made in LDraw has a section on LEGO trains and other city models.

Project Grey Era - A tribute to the 7777 LEGO trains idea book a photo collection on flickr which recreates scenes from the book.

Building 7777 is a very nice thread on 7777-1 builds from user Jetflap. 7777 the 1981 trains idea book is a nice article about the book.

You may also have a good time by searching for pictures related to the search terms 7777 and lego on flickr or google.

For questions and comments write an email to Dirk Jagdmann <>

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