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Sony PlayStation 3

This page collects various information on my use of the Sony PlayStation 3. To check which games I've played, look at dojcubic's PlayStation Network profile.

Cronus Zen scripts

I'm using the Cronus Zen to modify my Dualshock 3 controller behavior for some games on the PlayStation 3. I mainly use it to invert the X and Y axis of the right analog stick, as this is my preferred way of controlling a camera.

I've noticed the following issues with the Cronus Zen software (firmware) as of 2021:

Grand Theft Auto V

// invert right stick for GTA V on Playstation 3

main {

  // detect weapon wheel
  if (get_val(PS3_L1) &&
      get_ptime(PS3_L1) > 500)
    // do nothing to right stick

  // detect character switch
  else if (get_val(PS3_DOWN) &&
           get_ptime(PS3_DOWN) > 500)
     // do nothing to right stick
  // use next slot?
  else if (get_val(PS3_SELECT) &&
    load_slot(get_slot() + 1);
    // invert right stick
    set_val(PS3_RX, inv(get_val(PS3_RX)));
    set_val(PS3_RY, inv(get_val(PS3_RY)));


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