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Various C64 related books

English books

An scanned version of the C128 Programmers Reference Guide. And another OCRed book: Mapping the 128.

German books

Das C64/C128 Musik Kompendium

The disk images.

Hardware Basteleien zum C64 C128

The disk image.

Pascal mit dem C128

The disk image. You can also look at the authors page.

Best of Grafik 3

The disk image.

(GEOS) Mega Pack 1 & 2

The MegaPack1 images and MegaPack2 images.

Sonderheft 48 - GEOS Erweiterungen

The disk image.

GEOS 64 V2.0 deutsch

The disk images.

C64 - Programmieren in Maschinensprache

Dieses Buch ist so besonders, dass ich ihm seine eigene Seite spendiert habe.

German articles

64'er 11/86 contains an article about a stereo SID board. The same article was reprinted in the book Hardware Basteleien zum C64 C128.


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