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Music by doj

This page contains all music from doj mainly in the mod or xm format.


In 1992 pascal who was the first owning a sound card and a modem downloaded some files called modules together with wow1. We were damn amazed by the sound quality produced by this stuff, as we had heard mostly adlib music before. In download sessions over the weekends we got more and more MiBs of mods.

As Sound Blasters were very expensive back in the old days I built myself a parallel port DAC for 5 DM. The sound quality could compete with the 22KHz 8bit standard of a Sound Blaster 1. Soon I wanted to produce some modules on my own. At that time 3 trackers existed for the PC. Modedit which was pure crap, Creator which was quite useful, but shareware and the free Fast Tracker 1. My first mod I made in 1993 with Creator, but soon I discovered that Fast Tracker 1 was much more usable.

Sproing 16.01.1993 This was my first attempt to make music on PC. I used Creator from Delusion and some old ST-01 samples from other modules. As the shareware was limited to three patterns only I used two (don't ask me why). And as an old C64 musician I used only three channels.

Capoony 23.05.1993 This module was tracked with help from my friend bobobear.

Toll 19.06.1993 This is not the second module I tracked, but the second one I released. Releaseing in those days meant uploading it to my favourite BBS (TECS) and telling some friends I had uploaded a new module. Now I was only using Fast Tracker 1 with ripped samples from other's modules.

Mercury on Ice 24.09.1993 This was my first 8 channel tune, since Fast Tracker 1 was limited to 8 channels. Back in those days I wished to have had the illuminating Scream Tracker from Future Crew which could process 16 channels, but I didn't manage to find it in my local german BBSes.

Lenor Remix 26.09.1993 Melody from german Lenor commercials.

-noname- 08.11.1993 In late 1993 pascal and I wanted to release a demo and pascal was heavily coding effects, while I was trying to track good music. We decided to drive to The Party 1993 and release something there. As a group name we used Eniac, but found out later that this name was used by someone else in Switzerland.

-noname- 12.11.1993 And a second module for our demo, which was a little bit better than the above one.

Axel F - remixed 12.11.1993 My friend Johan opened a BBS for Macintosh in the beginning of November. Now he wanted me to remix the old Axel F song for a BBS intro. Not a difficult job I think.
This mod file was also used in fr-minus-01 from farbrausch.

dojny 22.09.1993

yo 30.05.1993


In Spring of 1994 Scream Tracker III finally was released. I think no one did expect it, but it was definately the best tracker existing in the pc demo scene. But I never liked the interface and the handling and kept on tracking with Fast Tracker. So I was limited to 8 channels, but I think that was enough at that time.

After we did not manage to travel to The Party 3 we worked on a demo for Computer Crossroad. But this party got canceled and so we had to wait until summer and Assembly 1994. Pascal did not want to travel the long way to Helsinki, so hook and I did it. We had a contribution for the intro competition called VeX, but it wasn't shown (don't ask me why, I certainly wasn't too bad to be preselected). Anyway Assembly was a great party and we got to know many important people of the demo scene, which we only had heard of before.

After Assembly pascal was very disappointed that our intro did not rock and he liked to write a nice space game. At first he worked on some powerfull music and sound effect routines. But he had so much fun coding sound stuff that he wanted to release it as a player first. So he coded a mod and s3m player.

It was in November when Fast Tracker 2 got released. As I always have been a fan of Fast Tracker I downloaded it immediatly and was amazed. It was very good looking had powerfull new effects and capabilities never seen in trackers before. I convinced pascal that this tracker will set the standard very soon and he must include xm support in his player. At first he did not want to code it, because xm was far more difficult to implement than the old mod or s3m stuff, but he finally managed it.

At The Party 1994 we had a first version of our player ready and to our surprise it was the only one capable of playing xm's. After we announced the first xm player many people wanted to have a copy and it spread quite well.

The 5th and Best 08.01.1994 I think this is my first module you can really listen to.

toccata and fuge 24.01.1994 In January I bought a fine CD of Bach's Toccata und Fuge, a piece of music I like very much. So I went to our music library and borrowed the transcript and started to track it. But the quality of modules is too bad compared to real organs, so I gave it up.

Ephisto 26.02.1994 In February I met a guy called Shadow Dancer in a chat in the TECS BBS. He told me he downloaded all my songs I've tracked so far and likes them, but they were suffering some good melodies. I realised that my modules definativly lacked melody and tracked this song. A if you didn't knew, Shadow Dancer is called Torus today...

baz 24.04.1994

Some funny samples 29.04.1994 In the beginning of 1994 I liked the euro-dance music style very much. Today it is total crap but the early songs a DJ Bobo, Culture Beat and others were really good. I bought some cassettes and started to sample things. This is an example of the shit I produced with it.

Sad 'n Calm 01.05.1994 I think in April I bought myself the brand new Sound Blaster 16 and started sampling heavily. As I own a piano I samples it too. But I'm still wondering why the quality is so bad.

Hey, DJ Bobo :-) 16.06.1994 As I said before I liked the early songs of DJ Bobo and this is some mixed samples from some songs.

-noname- 19.06.1994 As pascal and I decided to make some production for assembly I started tracking. This is one of the songs we did not use.

Doj's Demo Intro 1 24.06.1994 And another song we never used.

Harmo 27.06.1994 Another songs using the bad samples from my piano.

Nicecover 10.07.1994 The BBS intro of the Point Break BBS had some Adlib tune I like very much. So I tracked a remix. This was the second time I used Scream Tracker 3, don't ask me why I used it.

VexIntro song 07.1994 This song was finally used for our first 64K Intro VeX presented at Assembly 1994. This version was released with the source code, so it is not identical with the party version, but there is no existing copy left.

Cubical 26.12.1994 Since December 1995 I only used Fast Tracker 2. This was the demo song of Cubic Player 0.9 that showed it's capability of playing XMs. The song is really bad.

Flowers of Vain 26.12.1994 My contribution for multi channel music competition at The Party 1994. Of course it did not compete in the competition.

Why don't you believe me anymore? 1994 Featuring my detuned piano.


The first half of 1995 was mainly used in developing Cubic Player. With the 0.96 release in March the player had it's breakthrough and in summer it was the most used player in the scene.

For Assembly 1995 we made some productions which you should check out in the Gallery. I improved my style a lot during this year and got used to all the effects and techniques needed to produce decent music.

Arab Dreams 25.03.1995 This is one of the best modules I tracked ever. I worked on it for about three weeks, but never found a good event to release it.

High Up 2 21.05.1995 In the beginning of 1995 I discovered Jogeir Lilljedahl's modules. I only knew Guitar Slinger before, but due to some chance I found some more mods of him. I like his style very much and think he is one of the most important trackers ever. I tried to imitate his style but did not succeed at all.

ani1 16.07.1995 During July we were working very hard on our Animation for Assembly 1995. This was one of the attempts to write the sound track.

Intro & Space02 07.08.1995 These are the modules from our Space01 Animation released at Assembly 1995. The modules have no sound effects, cause they are quite disturbing if you don't see the action on screen. I handed in this module for multi channel compo, but as expected it was not played (techno is always a bad choice for compos).

Data6 19.08.1995 Nothing special about this song.

Small 2 05.09.1995 A short piece of music just for background playing.

Gloria, Verarschung II -main & Endpart 17.09.1995 Together with chaos/cubic I made a simulation of electrical shit with resistors etc. Physik - Die Hausaufgabe

Sunday Eve Mood Sep 1995 This was my first attempt to write chip music. I like good chip tunes and you can guess that I tracked this on a Sunday Evening.

Land of Dreams Oct 1995

Doom 5 05.10.1995 This song Was inspired from Cube's music and I tried to create something big.

Cactus 29.10.1995 A techno song tracked on Sunday after staying in Hamburg's premium trance club Tunnel.

Stringy 01.11.1995 Nothing to say about this one.

Lasse Reinbøng Song 04.11.1995 Score from our intro Lasse Reinbøng released at The Party 1995.

Chip3 01.12.1995 The third chip song. I do not release the second one, because it was too bad and I don't find it any more today.

second4 1995 My first attempt at adlib music, which was made with Reality Adlib Tracker. It was used in the BBS addy for the Digital Nightmare BBS.

The smallest XM ever 1995 As I really liked Fast Tracker 2 I wanted to make the smallest xm ever and use it uuencoded as an email signature (or in fido). But nothing can be small enough (see also Donau) and Matthias Klaften then made an even smaller tune.


Arabic 11.01.1996 My second module with some kind of arabic theme. We used it in our fast intro for Symposium 1996.

Chip4 21.01.1996 This small chip song was written for pascal's MXM player which was released in Jan 1996.

Now What 1996 19.02.1996 At The Party 1995 we met some Amiga guys who were organising a party near Hamburg called Symposium 1996. I tracked this song plus the following one for our invitation intro. It was inspired by the now what series by Dr. Awesome.

Startup 19.02.1996 The startup module for the invitation. I don't like this module at all, cause I think it's pure noise and loudness, but many people think it is cool.

Ballad of Romeo 24.03.1996 I always thought that guitar samples sucked in all the modules I knew, but nevertheless tried to make a nice acoustic guitar module. This is the result. Ah, and the module competet in multi channel compo at Symposium 1996. I think it made it to the last place (15/15).

Wenn das Wasser blubbert 25.03.1996 A techno song for multi channel compo at Mekka 1996. It was the only module that was preselected.

Stallinator Score 03.1996 The music used in the demo Stallinator by ToPCReW for Mekka 1996.

Das mysteriöse Haus 19.04.1996 A house music xm. All samples are included on the Groovy Bytes CD, which I won for the fast intro at Mekka 1996.

Who left on the light? 07.1996 The music from our fast intro Who left on the light? created at Summer Encounter 1996.

Trip 2 Assembly 02.07.1996 A module tracked right before Assembly 1996. pascal had planned some short demo, but nothing was relased.

Chip 6 30.07.1996 And just another chip song. We finally used it for our Summer Encounter 1996 64KiB intro What, because I wasn't able to track something good at the party place.

Toasted Score 16.08.1996 Score from the demo Toasted released at Assembly 1996.

Insomnia Remix 15.09.1996 In August/September the song Faithless by Insomnia was the chart breaker. I liked the well known synthy sequence very much and tracked this remix.

Mumm September 1996 A MIDI version of the music used in commercials for Mumm.

Lasse 1996 01.11.1996 The MIDI file from Lasse Reinbøng '96.


Vincent die Lippe 15.02.1997 Another dull techno tune.

Dancefloor Attack 23.02.1997 Torus named this song.

Easy Guitar 14.06.1997 A Guitar Ballad song. If you liked Ballad of Romeo I think you can have some joy with this one too. This song features submissive at the guitar and doj (as always) doing the rest of the mix. We tried to get this running in the Assembly 1997 competition, but as more or less expected it was not played. Torus and doj performed this song at Underground Conference 6.26 (2002) in the Multichannel with Live Support competition and placed 1st.

Retro Module Final August 1997 Music for our demo Retro released at Assembly 1997.

Music from Trapped 2 Summer 1997 Music for the Amiga Game Trapped 2 by TTS/Oxyron. The Game is a role-playing game set in dungeons. The archive contains all 10 songs I wrote for the game.

Lessons December 1997 The majority of this music was composed by Chromag^Polka Brothers. He made this music already in 1996 and wasn't available when the demo was finished at The Party 1997. Crash needed someone to make music for the ballon part, which I did.


Fastintro 02.05.1998 Music from our Fastintro released at the Teklords Spring 1998 meeting.

C64 Underground Soundtrack 24.07.1998 Music from our fast intro C64 Underground released at the Scala 1998 meeting.

Mit dem Schlagzeug die Treppe runterfallen 12.09.98 While Assign/e9 was eating a pizza and the audience were waiting for the 4 channel competition at ms^98 to start, KB and I decided to make a fast song for the competition. As KB was lacking of decent sound support I took the headphones and KB the keyboard. So KB tracked and I commented if it sounded good. This is the result. As usual my entries in competitions become and deserve the last place. There a picture on slengpung.


Demo's not finished yet Spring 2000 In March 2000 doj bought an electric guitar and started practicing (his teacher was the famous Krautrocker Rainer Baumann). Some weeks later he decided to record a track. You can hear my famous detuned piano, my bass (which I bought in 1997, but never really used) and my new guitar. All was recorded and mixed with a demo version of Cool Edit (now Adobe Audition) which randomly inserted those cowbells into the final mix. As they fit the low-tech character of this recording well I just left them in.


Breakpoint 2003 Live Jam At Breakpoint 2003 I performed in the live jam. You can get an impression how it looked like with a picture on slengpung.

All music in a HTTP/mp3 streamable playlist.

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