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About the background pictures and animations

The background pictures of the cube and the original Würfel mode animations were created by doj with POV-Ray in early 1995. The pictures were created in the POV-Ray scene description language by hand written code. The animations were created with a Turbo Pascal program which created a series of POV-Ray files with the appropriate rotations, since those early versions of POV-Ray did not feature any loop or function directives. Unfortunately those POV-Ray and pascal sources have been lost.

Only the 240 color pictures which were shipped with the MS-DOS versions of Cubic Player have been preserved.

Cubic Player picture 0
Cubic Player picture 1

The 4 original animations were created by doj. The first and second were designed to be played consecutively, their movements match. The fourth animation is supposed to loop through the second half, thus giving the effect of endlessly traveling through the tunnel/torus. This effect can not be done with animated GIFs. The fifth animation was done by Felix Bohmann for later releases of Open Cubic Player and features the doubled resolution.

Click on the following pictures to open the animation.

Cubic Player animation still 0 Cubic Player animation still 1 Cubic Player animation still 2 Cubic Player animation still 3 Cubic Player animation still 4

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